Dear Son,

God says, “I knew you even before you were conceived in your mother’s womb”. I, too, have known and loved you from the moment the doctor said, “You’re going to have a baby”.

I want to thank you for all the precious memories you have given me. Like the times you curled up on the sofa and put your small soft hands around my neck to give me a big hug. “I love you, Mom” were the most tender words I’ve ever heard. And that sweet beautiful smile of yours is more valuable to me than anything money could buy. Some day soon, you will be too grown up for that sort of thing. But then there will come the day that you will meet a young lady and you will share hugs and gentle kisses, not as a mother to a son, but as a man to a woman.  

Yes, Son, you will soon grow into a fine young man and I’ll have to let you try your wings. You may be out of your mother’s arms, but I’ll hold you in my heart forever. May God be with you and His angels watch over you as you venture into the world on paths you’ve never trod. You’ll be traveling all the way from Yesterday to Tomorrow–leaving behind your bruises and bumps, measles and mumps, bubblegum and me.

The best advice I can give you is to embrace your faith with each new day by looking to our Lord for His strength and guidance. Go forth with grace and dignity as you remain on your knees throughout your life. Never be too busy to count your blessings and never take life so seriously that you don’t take time to play.  May your work have more eternal value than it does here on earth, pursuing God instead of man. Don’t go to church to please me, but go because you love Jesus.

And yes, Son, one day soon you’ll be standing at the church altar professing your love to your bride. And I will be sitting in the pew, crying as a mother does, not for the loss of my little man, but for how proud I am of the man you have become. Through the years I’ve prayed that on that wedding night, both you and your bride will have respected God’s desire to save yourselves for your wedding day. By starting your lives out this way, you’ll not have unwanted baggage to carry into your marriage. Your lives will be full of peace and contentment and a joy that some couples never get to experience.

Then the day will come that you and your young bride will celebrate your marriage with your own little ones. Use encouraging words and a gentle touch as you love and lead them. This is how they will come to know and feel Jesus in you.  For what they see in your eyes is the window to your soul.  

“Wise Men” still seek Him so don’t ever try to handle something on your own. Always rely on God and He’ll bless every step you take with confidence. This doesn’t mean you won’t ever suffer or make mistakes. For it is in walking through the valleys that we experience an even deeper portion of God's mercy. This is where we grow the most. 

My love for you will never change, regardless of what you’ve done. I’m always here for you. Nothing is too big for you to handle because God equips the unequipped. Faith is asking God to work things out, then thanking Him for what is not, as though it was. You’ll experience God’s blessings if you only trust Him.

Always remember, Son that who I am is not about me. Cherish the memories and thank God for all the wonderful years we’ve had together. You are a Child of a King and the Son of a Proud Mother. No matter how old you get, you’ll always be “Momma’s Little Man” and a precious gift from heaven!                                   






Dear Momma,

I know that God really loves me because He entrusted my life with you. If I had my pick of all the mothers in the world, I’d pick you because you always take the time to let me know that I am loved and that I am special.

Forgive me for the times I failed to let you know how special you are to me. I know you have made sacrifices on my behalf so that I always had what I needed. Thank you for giving of yourself so completely.  You are truly the most wonderful woman in the world!

It means so much to me when your heart seems to hurt just as much as mine does when I’m down about something. You always have the perfect words to say. Through your caring, you showed me how deep God's love really is. It was those times you taught me that when I call on Jesus – all things are possible… I can mount on wings of eagles and soar.

You taught me how to walk and talk; how to get back up when I fall down; how to laugh; and that it’s OK to cry. One of the first songs you taught me was “Jesus Loves Me” and through this I learned how to love and respect others.

You’ve shown me how a smile increases the face value; how success is not earthly wealth or fame but that I prosper from the little things in life that you can’t buy; and that forgiveness is the greatest gift I could give anyone, especially myself; You taught me that the most important decision I will ever make is to ask Jesus into my heart.

I’ll never forget the times that we prayed for my wife and my children when I wasn’t even old enough to say my ABC’s. When it’s time to marry, I’ll know she’ll be the right one when I feel it in my heart. She’ll be like you in a lot of ways; she’ll be full of joy and she’ll love Jesus.

I know that submission is not fulfilling my desires by controlling my family, but surrendering to the Lord's desires for all of us. The example that you have lived in front of my eyes will always bless me and those I cross paths with. I will try to make you proud by following the Commandments that we learned in the Bible.

All that I am, and all that I ever want to be, I owe to you. Thanks for loving me unconditionally, Mom. You are my precious gift from Heaven!  




These letters can be printed to accommodate "Momma's Little Man."
 They are left open to be signed, or they may inspire you to write your own letter. 

The painting and the letters were both inspired by the Word of God. 
They were created to remind us to pattern our lives according to the Bible 
and to express our love and appreciation for one another. 


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