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Main Street Trolley I - Summer
This original available

While managing a local sign company, Joyce was chosen to do the lettering, pin-striping, and hand painting on the Main Street Trolleys in Memphis. It was from this work that Joyce conceived the idea for her first print which grew into her series of trolley prints. Main Street Trolley, with its summer setting, is the first in this series of seasonal prints. As the trolley passes Court Square, the historic fountain and the Tennessee Club can be seen in the background. 

A whimsical touch is Joyce's daughter, Kristi, portrayed as the small girl near the fountain. You will find Kristi somewhere in each trolley scene.
These trolleys have been John Gresham's movie, "The Client," and on Country Music Video's.

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Main Street Trolley II - Spring
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As part of her seasonal series of prints depicting the Memphis Trolley's, Joyce has captured the trolley in spring as its route takes us to South Main Street in Memphis near the historic Beale Street area. The famous Orpheum Theater stands out against the Memphis skyline, and the "Grand Hotel of the South," the Peabody Hotel, can been seen in the background. 

As in her previous trolley print, Joyce's daughter again appears as the small girl standing near the fountain.

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(10x14) Mini Print.....$20    


Main Street Trolley III - Autumn
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In the third of Joyce's seasonal series of trolley prints, the trolleys move past the Civic Center Plaza in the autumn dusk. Visible in the background: The Memphis City Hall, the Federal Building and the lights on the Hernando Desoto Bridge spanning the Mississippi River. 

The light is left on in the mayor's office to show our gratitude for the overwhelming improvements made to our beautiful downtown Memphis. 

Playing in the dancing waters are Kristi (in the hat) and her best friend, Lauren Murray. Several of Joyce's friends and family are depicted as passengers on the trolleys.

(16x24) Print.............$40                
(10x14) Mini Print.....$20                  


Main Street Trolley IV - Winter
This original available

With the trolley continuing its route in this winter scene of downtown Memphis, Joyce completes her series of seasonal trolley prints. In this latest watercolor print, one of the larger trolleys is pictured in the foreground with the historic First United Methodist Church in the background, the oldest church in Memphis.
Joyce used herself and her brother as the children in the foreground to symbolize fond memories of playing in the snow and her dream even as a child to be an artist. As the children are waiting for the trolley to pass, they are also looking into her future with the trolleys giving Joyce her start. The people riding the trolley are all her family members.
As in the other trolley prints, Joyce has pictured her daughter along with her husband, Ralph. In recent years, Memphis has had only a few measurable snowfalls. As a result, this father and daughter couldn't pass up the opportunity to build a snowman and throw a few snowballs on Memphis' Main Street Mall along with Patchy, their black and white toy poodle.

(16x24) Print.............$40                
(10x14) Mini Print.....$20             


The Pink Palace
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The pink marble mansion at 3050 Central Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee is a local landmark which is the site of the Memphis Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium.
Clarence Saunders was the first man to design the systematic shopping idea. He was a grocery store magnate and founder of Piggly Wiggly. He began building the 35,223 square foot mansion as his dream home in 1922. He named the house Cla-Le-Clare after his three children, Clay, Lee, and Clare. However, from the beginning the public referred to it as The Pink Palace. Only a year after beginning construction of the house, Saunders lost his wealth in an epic Wall Street stock market battle. In 1923, the unfinished building and nine acres were given to the city of Memphis and transformed into a science and history museum. Through the years, Saunders' mansion has remained intact with the additions of a planetarium, exhibition hall, and underground education wing, and IMAX Theater.
The Pink Palace became a favorite spot for visitors of all ages when it became a Memphis museum. With its pink marble exterior, its lavish white marble entrance and staircase, and its lush gardens, the Pink Palace symbolized the elegance of days gone by.

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"The Memphis Legend Lives On"

Joyce Girgenti and Thomas Kinkade are the only two United States artist ever licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises to paint Graceland... the most visited home in history. This original available

Hidden messages to find in the painting; JESUS' name, FOLLOW THAT DREAM, and scripture from II Corinthians 9:9: "A godly man who gives generously to poor, his good deeds will be an honor to him forever."

Elvis Presley grew up in a two-room plank house in Tupelo, Mississippi. His parents remembered how even as a youngster he would talk about the day when he would make a lot of money. His dream was to buy his parents the finest house in town and end their long years of hard work and financial struggle. His wishes were granted at the age of 22 when he bought a Georgia Colonial style dream home in Memphis, TN. He immediately secured the grounds with guards, a stone wall, and music gates. His 23 room house of refuge from his fans and the media became his castle. Holding its memories of laughter and of tears, his mansion stood tall and proud in the middle of the grand oaks to protect the most popular singer and performer in history. His lonely life ended on August 16, 1977.

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