On a farm in the beautiful hills of Southern Illinois is where I grew up. We had a simple life, but it was good, especially when we got indoor plumbing. Once chores were done, my favorite pastime was exploring the great outdoors with family. (Some things never change.) Some of my fondest childhood memories were playing in the snow and creating pictures with crayon and colored pencils for friends and family, but especially for my mother.

I married my high school sweetheart in 1978. Ralph grew up in Gary, Indiana, and is the Director of Technology for Lake Station Schools. Ralph and I share the greatest thrill of our lives; raising our daughter, Kristi. 

When I was carrying Kristi in my belly, with her Daddy's blessing I named her Kristina Marie so she would always remember my my deepest desire for her (and her legacy) is to always know, and share, the JOY of the LORD as a Follower of Christ. Our children's names can't get them to Heaven, nor can we drag them there, but we are called to lovingly show them the way to God. He gives free-will to every person to accept Him, or deny Him, so I encourage you to pray for your children, the husband or wife they choose to marry, and their children, to do great things for the LORD; that they will love GOD supremely, and others sacrificially Luke 10: 27.

My art work has taken quite a turn from my beginning 17 years ago with Memphis cityscapes. I lettered and pin-striped Memphis’ first six 19th century Main Street Trolleys while managing the Covington Sign Shop. I had been praying to paint a unique Memphis scene, so the trolleys were the answer to my prayers. The gracious support of Memphis patrons made it possible to move from Memphis scenes to inspirational works of art. (The Memphis link has more about my beginning.) 


My "Little Soldier" Kindergarten Photo



Our Wedding Day



32 Years



Kristi 1985



Kristi, me, Lauren Murray and Patchy



A cherished memory with Dad



Kristi & Marty Morris



Our precious grandson, Benton

While it’s not uncommon for paintings to tell stories and have hidden objects, people seem to enjoy the challenge of finding the significant messages and hidden treasures in my paintings. I incorporate JESUS' name, scripture and biblical principles: 1) To invite CONVERSATION about the BIBLE.  2) To CONVERT those seeking to be saved.  3) To ENCOURAGE and DISCIPLE others in the faith.   

open the door to the subject of "JESUS" and God's purpose for our lives.

My viewers are often drawn like magnets to find JESUS, the greatest treasure available to mankind. It's alright if they don't have the funds to make a purchase. It cost nothing to learn a valuable lesson by studying a piece of art. Many have never heard that salvation is a free gift to everyone who calls upon the name of JESUS Romans 10: 9-13. Sometimes, it's just the mention of His name that the Holy Spirit makes Himself known, and the door is open in the heart of the viewer to receive Christ.

I also transport service men and women. They receive a small copy of “A Soldier’s Prayer” and “The Great Commission”. Those returning home receive a print of their choice to minister to their families and to thank them for their service. 

I've discover the most misunderstood thing about faith is what took her years to recognize in herself. FAITH is not about a religion. FAITH is not about being a good person by following God's rules. FAITH is about a relationship - a daily intimate connection with Jesus Christ.

Driven to make a difference for the cause of Christ, my life's goal is to love GOD supremely and others sacrificially. That's why my paintings teach life-lessons. I confess that my passion is accelerated by a desire to teach the valuable lessons I wish I had known in the years of my youth.

While it’s not uncommon for paintings to tell stories or have hidden objects, I incorporate JESUS' name, His image, scripture and biblical principals to open the door to share the gospel with my viewers. Every message is created with a motive to drive them into the loving embrace of the one who ultimately laid down His life for our sins. People are drawn like magnets to find JESUS and all the hidden treasures. It blesses my soul to be at an exhibition when the people don't know that I'm the artist. Everyone around them is influenced by their excitement when they joyfully respond, "I FOUND JESUS!" JESUS is the greatest treasure available to every man, woman and child. His gift of salvation is a free gift to everyone who calls upon His name.

Sometimes after the paint is dry, more appears on the canvas than I intended. Every manifestation found is not only divine in its revelation, but are things created by GOD. Such as a white lamb, an empty tomb, an angel, a broken heart, a dove, a fish and faces. Even when planning to just paint a colorful and tranquil landscape, profound life lessons are revealed.

Since I started transporting Air Force and Marine recruits to and from Indianapolis over a year ago, there's been very little time to paint. I miss painting and can hopefully paint full-time some day. For now, God has made it clear that this is where He wants me. All the recruits receive a small copy of “A Soldier’s Prayer” and “The Great Commission”. They're also given a mid-size print of their choice to minister to their families while they are away.

As I spiritually coach the kids, I finds the most misunderstood thing about faith is what took me years to recognize in myself; Faith is not about a religion; it’s about a relationship - an intimate connection with Jesus Christ.

The five main goals I try to encourage; 
          1)     The lost will realize their need of a Savior   
          2)   The bondage of sin and past hurts are broken
          3)      A hunger for spiritual knowledge and growth is developed 
          4)      Wise counsel is sought and given from Christian mentors 
          5)      More believers answer their calling to tell their story to disciple others

It's great when someone is inspired by my work, or a word of hope that God gives me to share, but being inspired is not enough. We need to MOVE from being INSPIRED to being TRANSFORMED. Ask God what He wants to teach or change in you. With expectation of transformation by the leading of the Holy Spirit, the two essential keys to grow in knowledge is Prayer and Bible Study. I strongly encourage you to have a Study-Bible. Highlight the scriptures that you want to visit often. As you study privately, in church, and with groups, write in your Bible what you learn. Ask the Lord to manifest Himself as you look into His inspired Word as a mirror to reflect His will. Then, put on your walking shoes, put one foot in front of the other and walk worthy of the calling in which you’ve been called.

When I was a child and young adult, I struggled to comprehend nearly everything I read. Therefore; trying to read a King James Version Bible was frustrating. My family didn’t know to encourage the value of reading nor did I realize I was given the power of the Holy Spirit to teach and guide me when I was saved. A huge burden was lifted when I discovered I didn’t have to depend on my own intelligence to understand the scriptures. This is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Visual and performing artists, I encourage you to use your talent to make an impact on the lives of people all over the world who desperately need God and the knowledge of His Word. You have an advantage with your skills to reach someone who might not enter the doors of a church. Think about why God uniquely created you. 

Artist or not, God has a purpose for every surrendered instrument. If you wait until you feel “wise enough” or “comfortable enough” to share the Gospel of Christ, you’ll never do it. We are not called to be “People-Pleasers” or “Couch-Potatoes” afraid of what someone might say when we step out of our comfort zone. The fear of rejection was a huge struggle for me before I got serious about my relationship with Jesus. So let’s encourage one another and get off our duffs placing our trust in God who requires His kids to produce good fruit.

It's difficult to share stories about living in bondage with a spirit of rejection, fear, anger, rebellion and a lack of knowledge about the Holy Spirit. But if my testimony can extend a hand to others who have suffered (or are still suffering) with similar problems, then it's worth the risk. I don’t believe it’s coincidental that my viewers see themselves in my paintings (and their own stories) as if looking into a mirror, though the paintings were originally inspired by my own experiences. I am so grateful that God never gives up on me and has a purpose for every experience no matter how exciting or difficult.   

What’s your story? Nothing has happened to you that went unnoticed by God. You are a designer’s original, beloved. Every crack in your vessel is an opportunity to allow the light of Christ to show Himself through your story. You are valuable to Him. Be encouraged to find forgiveness, healing and deliverance from your brokenness and insecurities. Have mercy on those around you the same way God poured His mercy on you. Be willing to share you testimony to help others wanting to live a productive life free from the control of our enemy (the devil and his buddies). Our greatest weapon is God’s Word. You can’t apply His Word unless you know it. You can’t stand firm if you’re not equipped with God’s Armor.

Like a good marriage, being a servant of the Lord takes work but it’s worth every drop of sweat, blood and tears. This is where character is built. If you’re thinking it’s too hard for you to be a witness for Christ, you’re right. We can’t do it in our strength or knowledge. We are to place our dependence upon the Holy Spirit to supply our strength, needs and opportunities.

Satan never gives up trying to put a stop to our testimony. He will do anything he can to drive a wedge between our relationship with God and with each other. Once we realize who our enemy is (not God and not our loved ones) we can know how to respond the next time we’re attacked. Keep in mind that God will fight our battles for us. We have the freedom to let Him, or to try to fight in our own strength and knowledge. Joyce bears witness to the fact that it is impossible to win with human strength and understanding. We must let go and let God have complete control over every area of our lives.

Who's the Master Behind Your Blessing?

Divine Intervention


God gives hope to the hopeless, He brings  healing to the physically, mentally, and spiritually sick, and He encourages us to count our blessings instead of giving into fears and disappointments. Unintentional images in artist' paintings are evidence that GOD has not taken His hand off us. 

The first unintentional manifestations found in my paintings is what appears to be an empty tomb and a little lamb looking toward the tomb (above). Other findings have been the five unintentional faces with eyes closed in "The Great Commission”. “Momma's Little Man” has an image of an Angel in the folds of the pillowcase; "Raising Faith" has a broken heart in the middle of Jesus' name in the eagle’s outstretched wing. 

Some artists believe their art has been "magically" touched when images such as these are found, while others explain it as "coincidental". Please give credit where credit is due, friends. Before I understood who God is and how His power works, I believed that luck could change a situation. 

There was a grown man I knew that was so superstitious he would find another route, or go back home, if a black cat crossed the road in front of him. He didn't know any better since no one shared the truth with him. 

The truth is found in the Bible, but this hard working farmer never learned how to read. The man I'm telling you about was my father. His father was injured on the farm, so he had to fill his daddy's shoes by working the farm to provide for his family. There was no time for school. Praise be to God Daddy accepted Jesus in his heart a year before he died. He told me on his death bed, "My only regret is never learning how to read." How different our lives might have been had he been given this privilege. 

Satan is real and has power to corrupt people with lies, lack of knowledge, and every type of sin. So, let's serve the miracle worker and give Him credit where credit is due. Miracles are performed by the hand that created you. Magic has absolutely nothing to do with miracles. Don't take this lightly. Who are we serving when we give "magic" the glory over God's provision? Are we serving the God of the universe or are we serving the prince of the earth? Give this some thought and and ask God to help you line up your life and the way you think and speak with His will. Think about why God created you. Seek wise counsel from a Christian mentor or a pastor who can answer any questions you might have.

A heed of warning to artist's with treasures (blessings) such as these mentioned. Be careful! Some of Satan's favorite weapons are pride and confusion. He uses them to get our focus off of God. Our vessel is used by God (by living in obedience as a follower of Christ) or by the evil forces of this world. 

All the glory belongs to God, alone. How many BLESSINGS do we miss in a single day because we are so focused on our own agenda instead of God's agenda. We are witness to the work of the MASTER CREATOR when we open our spiritual eyes are hearts to His leading. 

Give GOD the glory where credit is due. A Moody Radio pastor recently said, "GOD uses us in spite of us, not because of us." God doesn't need us but for some reason He chooses to use us. 

Joyce Girgenti

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