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Destino del Reino (Destiny in the Kingdom) is a children's home, school and church in a mountain village of Honduras.  Called by GOD, Rhonda Jackson established this ministry in 2003. From Evans, Georgia, this modern day "Mother Theresa" is an inspiration to anyone privileged to know her. Though she's never been married or had children of her own, God has fulfilled Rhonda's life-long dream to be a mother far beyond what she ever imagined. This village was once paralyzed by hopelessness even though they've been surrounded by fertile soil and agricultural potential. Education and job training prepares the children to return to their villages as leaders with a destiny of hope.  

My story-paintings are at Destino to remind the children to place their hope in Jesus Christ. The first children's home is called “The House of Joseph” so I captured two stages of Joseph's life, one as a young boy about to be thrown it the well. Joseph is surrounded by his jealous brothers in both scenes, but the second painting shows their humility for discovering that Joseph (now the Prince of Egypt) was still alive and doing great things for God. Joseph endured many heartaches and rejection, but he never took his eyes off the Lord. God blessed Joseph's faithfulness. “The House of Moses” is the second house being built. There will be two paintings to represent this home; Moses as an abandoned baby floating in a basket on the Nile River; and Moses parting the Red Sea. If you have a church group interested in modeling and supporting one or both of these paintings, please let me know.


Ongoing Art  Exhibitions

Destino del Reino

Children's Home and School


St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church
Passion of the Christ Gardens/Shop
St. John, IN Ongoing

Pink Palace Museum

Memphis, TN


West Acres Baptist Church Vestibule

Evans, GA



Sponsors of Commissioned Paintings:

1)  Gain ownership of the original painting   2)  Can select the inspiring theme for the painting
3)  Can have cavas giclées reproduced if others might benefit from your sponsored painting

Detailed original oil paintings that take 2 months (averaging 300 hours) average $2900


"Daniel in the Lions Den"
Daniel 6

Daniel's story inspires us to respond IN FAITH to trying experiences and difficult people. While locking the eyes of his heart on the LORD, Daniel had no doubt that God would show up. He didn't know how God would deliver him, but the Peace of God kept Daniel from falling to pieces. His devoted relationship with God had prepared him for an experience that had the potential to wreak havoc on his soul. Instead, he stood firm, knowing that GOD was all he needed regardless of his problem. 

Dr. Charles Stanley was experiencing fear and anxiety when going through the most difficult time of his life. A woman from his church answered the Spirit's call, to ask Dr. Stanley to come to her home. He had no idea the phone call was inspired by God, to help him realign his focus. When he arrived, she immediately took him to study this piece of art to asked the question, "What do you see in this painting?"  

The pastor was well aware that he was seeing Daniel's experience that took place in the lion's den. Then the gray-haired, godly woman persevered to drive home the message that needed to be heard, and graciously told him, "Dr. Stanley, you're missing the most important point! "Where's Daniel's eyes?" 

When Dr. Stanley came to realize, "Daniel's eyes were not on his problem, his eyes were on God," his pierced heart drove him to his knees in confession. He was set free from Satan's grip the moment he repented, and began trusting God with his situation. 

Daniel's focus was vertical, instead of horizontal. He was not fearful of people, circumstances, blood thirsty lions, or even death. Positive thinking didn't protect Daniel either. It was his unwavering faith that can only be established in the Light of God's Presence. Any attack that Satan and his buddies used to break Daniel, couldn't hold a candle to the supernatural faith at work within his heart. This untouchable faith had been developed through years of time invested in his relationship with God.  

No weapon formed against Daniel prospered. God's love had been perfected long before he was given to the lions. Though the weapon of fear raised its ugly head, lurking to find even the smallest passageway to bring havoc on Daniel heart, the heavenly perfected fruit of God's love protected Daniel’s thoughts, his feelings, his response, and his life. (Isaiah 54:17, 1 John 4:18)

We all face some "lions" along life's journey, but remember friends, THE BATTLE BELONGS TO GOD! He fights our battles and protects us from the enemy's attacks, the same way He fought for, and protected Daniel. The key to reflecting the Fruit of God's Spirit in the midst of adversity is to let God do what only He can do. You don't need to understand it, just trust Him. Let go, and let God have complete control of the things, or people, that cause you to be fearful. 

Spiritual battles are not intended to paralyze us with fear. God's purpose for trying times is to draw you and me closer to Him. This is where He purifies our hearts and equips us for the challenges ahead. Our accuser is overpowered and his lies are put to a screeching halt by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimony. (Rev. 12:10-11)

The Lord used a godly woman, and the visual message of Daniel's unwavering faith captured by an artist centuries ago to speak to Dr. Stanley in his troubled times. How has He spoken to you? How does He want to use you? Are you watchful and obedient to the Holy Spirit to deliver His message through you to the people in your sphere of influence?

In the same way God equipped Daniel and uses his story, He wants you to know your story matters, too. When we share with others what God has personally done in our lives, like Dr. Stanley did, supernatural things happen that only God can take credit for. This inspires me to be all God called me to be and do what He calls me to do. Does this mean I have it all together, and remain faithful instead of fearful? No, this message is as much for me as it is for you. When weapons of fear and anxiety try to invade on territory where the Fruit of God's Spirit dwells, let's be diligent in taking it to the Lord where He realigns our focus and sorts out lies from His Truth. Our faith increases the closer we draw to God, beloved. That's why a daily date alone with Him in the Light of His Presence is vital to the Christian life. (James 4:8; Romans 5:3-5; Psalm 91)  

Whether we realize it or not, we're all formed by the things that matter most to us, and those in our sphere of influence are impacted by our choices. Ask yourself, "Am I impacting for good, or am I impacting for evil?" As Followers of Christ, we must daily SERVE diligently; Submit to the Holy Spirit's leading; Encounter God continually, in prayer and in His Word; Reflect Christ at all times in cheerful reverence to God; Value others above self; Engage with others right where we are to meet needs. We do this with the Good News of Christ on the forefront of our hearts and minds, to reach the lost and to teach the saved to do the same.  

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