To my Little Sleeping Beauty,

You looked so lovely smiling in your sleep. As I tiptoed into your room to tuck you in, I saw that you had drifted off with your favorite book. It was then that I realized how priceless moments like these pass so quickly, and yet we have so many more to create. I’ll hold these memories deep in my heart and I want them to also be cherished memories for you. I felt that the words in this letter could keep them alive so that when these days are past, they will never be forgotten.

This morning you crawled into Daddy’s lap giving a big hug and an “I love you this much!” Tomorrow you may be too grown up for that sort of thing. Yesterday I could mend your dolls broken leg with a hug. Tomorrow you’ll break a young man’s heart with a kiss.

As the days go by you will find that time seems to pass more quickly. Never be too busy to stop and smell the roses and count your blessings along the way. The best advise I can give you, My Little Sleeping Beauty, is to always look to our Lord for His strength and guidance as you travel new paths in your life. No matter what happiness’ greet you and trials befall you, Momma and I are here for you.

May God always be with you and His angels watch over you as you venture out into the world in a way in which you have never gone. You’ll be traveling all the way from Yesterday to Tomorrow, leaving behind you braces and bumps, measles and mumps, bubblegum and me. I promise not to feel hurt when you find that the world is a more interesting place than your Daddy’s lap.

I have watched you bloom like the most beautiful rose, and it nearly breaks my heart to think that tomorrow I’ll be giving you away to some strange young man. Sooner or later, each butterfly must shed its cocoon, and each bird must try its wings. I have prayed since the day you were born that God would bless you with a loving and spiritual husband to lead you and your children in a fulfilled and happy life.   

Yes, Daughter, you will soon grow up and out of your Daddy’s arms. As I leaned over to kiss you tonight, you didn’t wake. I knew you wouldn’t. As in the fairy tale, only the handsome young prince can open your eyes. Sadly, I’m just the father of a future bride. Tomorrow when you wake, you’ll be a young lady and won’t even realize you have changed paths in the middle of dream. However, you might notice a change in me – I’ll look different somehow: a little sadder, a little wiser, but a lot richer! 

And remember, dear child, You’ll Always be Daddy’s Little Girl!   Tonight I kissed a Princess, and I feel like a King.

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