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There's a deep burning in my heart for today's family. It's an urgent need to reach, motivate and teach parents the values of managing our homes the way God designed it. Hurting families need someone to care enough, to come along side, to reach out and teach them new ways. Are you the parent or child that feels abandoned in your agony on the side of the road, or are you the Good Samaritan willing to extend love, show mercy and care for someone in need? We need each other, friend. We need the Lord. (People Need the Lord)  

Have you ever felt abandoned or abused by one who was meant to bless your life? Some hurting teenagers can't wait to leave home because of verbal, physical and emotional abuse. Some avoid conversation with parents to protect themselves from battles that leave them feeling condemned and humiliated, which is often a learned behavior by watching how one parent responds to another. I was grieved to recently witness a mother cursing her teenage son, condemning him with the most vulgar words I've ever heard come out of a woman's mouth. I saw him shrink as if he wanted to disappear. This was real everyday life for my friend (a military recruit). Is it any wonder why he hates his mother and can't wait to leave? Is it any wonder why many teenagers choose to end their misery with suicide? They believe the poisonous lies of others and think they have no hope. How can we teach them a better way of living? 

We must be mindful that the home is the root of where character is developed. This is where we teach our children how to function in this world. We're responsible, Mom and Dad, for teaching our kids who God is. Is your family life spiritually thriving, or spiritually deteriorating? We all could learn and practice some new ways to thrive in our relationships. Children watch and study the way their parents do life. As kids mature into adulthood, some of their dysfunctional ways are left behind while striving to do life better, but tragically, many of them repeat the vicious cycle of the very thing they hated about their upbringing. Like a sapling, it's in their grain. The good news is THERE IS HOPE. God can change the human heart of every willing "sapling". He wants to graft you into His family, the Family of God. Over and over again, it is proven that disobedience to the Lord leads to a cursed life. Obedience to Him leads to a blessed life. Where do we begin to break the legacy of death and misery for families that are willing to learn new ways? How can we help parents and children move from Deceivers to Achievers, from miserable emptiness to fruitful contentment? It's not up to the school teachers though there are many doing as much as they can to make a difference. But responsibility to raise a child in the way he or she should go is in the hands of the parent. It begins in the home. How can we equip and minister to families in need?

Something to pray about and consider; I've been envisioning FREE PARENTING CLASSES and SEMINARS in the schools and churches (when the facilities are not being used) and also via the internet... Parents pursuing their potential for the sake of their precious children. And children learning family values when they're most impressionable. Nothing is wrong with sports, entertainment and shopping as long as relationships are priority over activities. It's a win-win opportunity TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE every way you look at it. Dr. Erwin Lutzer said, "The family has the potential for unity, or for division." Let's come together in unity so that hurting parents and children are given tools and encouragement to learn new ways. Victory is possible whether you're the victim or the violator. Hope and healing is a free gift for everyone willing to receive it. If you're not happy with the direction your legacy is headed, then confess your convictions to God and develop new ways. Until a more established idea can be organized, be encouraged to use your skills and spiritual gifts to fulfill the calling on your life to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

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Joyce Girgenti (inspirational artist and speaker)

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