Thinking About a Commissioned Painting ?

Considering having your thoughts or memories captured on canvas or a group-gift? Ask yourself these 5 basic questions to assist you with your plans:
1)  Who is dear to your heart? Who do you want your painting to bless or represent? Is there a loved one, a pastor, or mentor that you (or a group) want to acknowledge?
What's your story? Is there a precious or enlightening time in your history that you would like to have illustrated on canvas?
Where would you like to escape to without stepping outside of your home? Where would you like to set the stage for the scene of your life?
When - What year and what season do you want to represent? Plan ahead for special events - When do you need your painting completed?
Why - What message will your custom piece represent?
Your painting will become an Heirloom for your loved ones (or the recipient) for generations to come. Vacation spots and home sites are great reminders of treasured memories.
You may have a group looking for a unique Gift of Appreciation for a pastor, a mentor, or a boss who's made a huge impact on your life. The ideas are endless. Let me know how I can help. 

 I illustrate personal scenes and can use your photographs, my own research, or a combination of pictures to pull together an unforgettable memory or thoughts.
Detailed Original Oil Paintings take on the average of  8 -10 weeks, which average to be around $2900. 
If you are working with a limited budget, I'll do what I can to work with your budget.

Call to discuss your ideas,
Joyce Girgenti
(219) 841-9743





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To make a purchase on available (framed or unframed) art, copy Order Form and mail with check.
Let me know if you would like to have your print personalized (Autographed with a personal message). 


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