"Born to Serve" was inspired by a memory shared in one of Pastor Larry Harmon’s sermons. His father, Harry, taught him the 3 Key Phrases when he was about 7-years-old. The window to the left resembles Andy and Opy from the Andy Griffith Show, their favorite TV program still today. The photos on the bookcase are past and present family pictures. The painting on the wall is a rendition of “The Good Shepherd” reaching out to save the lost. (Find Jesus' name and the Mount of the Holy Cross here.) The right window represents the pastor as a man of faith taking the Good News of Jesus Christ as far as India. The desk-lamp reminds us of Psalm 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” It symbolizes the pastor as “The Good and Faithful Servant”. The lit cottage is a model of the church; the books are Pastor’s Charles H. Spurgeon Collection and other favorites; the opened Bible is the pastor and his wife, Kaye’s, life verse from Psalm 37:4, Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” (To DELIGHT IN is to give great joy or pleasure; to rejoice in.)

How do we teach our children and others to obey God? Not in a legalist way by just doing good works and following the Ten Commandments. Christianity is not following religious rules and routines, but it’s an intimate relationship with Christ. Children learn from watching these good things naturally happen when we allow Christ to live His life through us. TIME is a precious thing that we must be willing to spend wisely.

Once a pastor is called into ministry, he finds himself being a Shepherd to the lost and the hurting; a Teacher; a Listener; a Comforter; an Administrator; a Counselor; a Friend; and above all, a Slave of Christ. They're Role-Models as Husbands and Fathers, Wives and Mothers. When you look at the responsibilities of a minister, it looks quite familiar. Shouldn't every Follower of Christ shepherd, teach, listen to, comfort, manage, counsel, and love others as unto Christ? We're all called to ministry, beloved, first at home and then to others. The majority of our time is spent at home and in our workplace. May we be intentional in spending our time "for the glory of God" ministering to and serving those right where we are. 

Pastor Larry’s parents had no idea the many lives that would be affected by the seeds they planted in the heart of their son 40 years ago. They just obeyed God and joyfully did what they were called to do. Because of their faithfulness and the influence of the Harmon heritage, God has developed in me a hunger to know and experience Him more deeply. My life and Art-Ministry have greatly been impacted by the example of these great men and women of God. The childhood memories from Larry’s spiritual training have painted many life-altering pictures that have change a multitude of lives. The Harmon's lives have been an open Bible for all to see Christ and His love and concern for us.

Harry said, “When Larry was a teenager, he was so shy it took everything he had to talk in front of just 2 or 3 people." His mother agreed, "When Larry told us he was being called into ministry, we were so concerned because of his fear of talking in front of others.” There was no doubt he was being called when his parents heard him preach his first sermon. They agreed, "There's no way Larry could stand in front of a congregation to deliver a message in his own strength. It was clearly a calling on his life." Pastor Larry admits he still battles with this fear every Sunday before taking his place on the platform to preach. But he considers it a gift that God uses to keep him dependant upon, and close to Him.   

Intended to honor a very humble man who is greatly appreciated by his congregation, “Born to Serve” is an invitation for the Holy Spirit to use his life story to inspire others in their faith walk. It is my prayer that this inspirational visual reminds all of us to be the person God created us to be! Wherever you find your dreams leading you, know that anything is possible when you put God first. He will make a way when there seems to be no way and He will use your experiences to be an encouragement to others along the way. As Kim Crabel beautifully stated once upon a time, "What God will do through one, He can and WILL do through any Surrendered Instrument of God.

If you want your kids to live the best life they can live, we must remain teachable; asking the Spirit to lead us as we lead them. Focus on the Family, Dr. Juli Slattery said, "We need to have a heart that wants to learn." The Bible teaches that we're all created for God’s pleasure, and are called to glorify Him in all things. Nothing is more important to God than our TIME with Him. The same goes for our children. The most valuable legacy we can give them is our TIME. No amount of money can buy this kind of love. Whether our parents did their job right, or not, we're responsible for ourselves. Christianity is not following religious rules and routines, but it’s an intimate relationship with Christ. Children learn from watching these good things naturally happen when we allow Christ to live His life through us. God used every Bible Story ever told by the father in this painting and every prayer ever prayed to mold and mature this precious son into a faithful and much loved pastor.

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